Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the greatest things you can invest in for your online digital marketing strategy. In fact, video content has the highest engagement rate of all content online – winning by miles over written, and image content. As a result of high engagement, major social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn favour video posts. With video posts on Facebook and LinkedIn getting up to 10X times more organic reach than written posts, it makes sense to invest in video content for social. More so, video marketing can have a huge benefit for ranking on search engines. As Google and Bing use video content as a ranking factor when deciding which websites get to the top, it’s another reason to start your video strategy.

Professional Studio

If anyone knows how to succeed with video marketing, it’s ourselves! We work in partnership with Shoot Audition, the guys behind ‘Mattress Mick’ . We have a full green screen studio in Pearse street Dublin 2, equipped with high end cameras and lighting. Whether your looking for a short promo video, product info videos, testimonial videos, or scripted videos, we have fully customisable solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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